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Industrial Attachment

3 months Industrial Attachment for Diploma Students

3 months of Industrial Training is a much-needed program for 4 years Diploma Students. With the advancement of technology Industrial Training for Diploma Students has come a long way. If we research in the past years, we have seen many people could not complete their graduation. Because, they have a lack of decision making, lack of time/opportunity, money, and such other factors. Most of the Bangladeshi students get admitted to engineering faculty where they need both bookish knowledge and practical knowledge together. But here in Bangladesh most of the University provides theoretical knowledge greater than practical knowledge. It seems like that, they provide less practical knowledge on regards their subject. So it is very clear that 3 months Industrial Attachment for Diploma Students is very essential for them.

What Does it mean 3 months Industrial Attachment for Diploma Students?

When a student got a diploma degree from their respected institute, they seem to like that they have not enough practical knowledge on regards their subject. It is impossible for them in that position to move forward with that less knowledge. They need to know, gain, learn practical knowledge. This practical knowledge making them perfect for the future. So 3 months Industrial Attachment for Diploma Students is very effective for them.

In the period of the Diploma Course, there are 8 semesters. In the first 7 semesters, they learn, do simple projects. After 7 semesters they need to take training/attachment outside their institutes. Industrial Attachment/Training period is very crucial for diploma students. During this training period, diploma students can apply their theoretical knowledge to practical application.

Why 3 months Industrial Attachment is Important for Diploma Students?

As mentioned above, these 3 months of Industrial Attachment plays a vital role in their career building. It is mandatory for them to make a connection between the academic curriculum and industry level activities. This connection will help them to improve their skills. It will also help them to make a perfect candidate for public/private job interviews and make an efficient and valuable employee. Though this Industrial Attachment program is not well valued in Bangladesh, it is well practicing in western countries. This Industrial Attachment is a well known and popular practice in most of the western countries like Germany, Canada, USA, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Belgium, etc.

When a student completed a diploma course and wants to join a company as a fresher, first of all, he/she needs to know the rules and regulations of that company. According to this, an engineering student also needs to know the working knowledge, rules, and regulations, system policy, etc. And that’s why a Diploma Student needs to do the Industrial Attachment course. By completing this Industrial Attachment, they make them well prepared for a job in their chosen field.

Who is Eligible for this 3 months Industrial Attachment?

These people are eligible for the 3 months Industrial Attachment who completed their diploma course or having a diploma degree in electrical/electronic/computer from public/government polytechnic institutes. These diploma holder students need to complete a 90 days Industrial Training course which has to approve by their institute authority. It means that 3 months of Industrial Attachment is important for Diploma Students.

Industrial Attachment

What is the Best Place for 3 months Industrial Attachment?
Many students in Bangladesh can not capture the tactics of engineering without having a diploma degree. Here in Bangladesh a lot of Institutes who are giving training on Industrial Automation. But you have to choose the best institutes for your bright future. When you choose an institute for Industrial Attachment first of all check their availability of components, don’t need to check the popularity of the company.

Industrial Attachment at Bangladesh Automation Technology
Bangladesh Automation Technology in Dhaka has come a long way since they were started their journey in the field of Industrial Automation. They have a variety of Electrical components. Bangladesh Automation Technology gives training their students in such a way that, they are well experienced in under pressure. Bangladesh Automation Technology not only giving training but also import electrical related materials from abroad and by these imported materials they give training to their students.

Bangladesh Automation Technology designed an identical course to build a successful career. You are warmly welcome at Bangladesh Automation Technology. Come here and see all kinds of electrical materials, ask about Industrial Attachment related questions, and take other information from us.

Industrial Attachment Section for Diploma Students

It is a very important decision for a student. This decision obviously makes an impact on your career. Maybe this decision can change your fortune. It depends on passion and trends when a student chooses the Industrial Attachment course. First of all, you choose your passion and then this compare with trends. Though still, a diploma student can get an Industrial Attachment course from different sections. Some of them are:

Electrical Engineering
It is ideal for those who want to work with greater technical depth and face new challenges and also can take responsibility for supervising others in the electrical power supply company.

Industrial Attachment for Civil Engineering
There are a lot of training institutes where students can do their Industrial Attachment. Most of the training institutes are offering 90 days Industrial Attachment course. After completion of their Industrial Attachment course, they can start their career as a Project Engineer, Site Engineer, or structural Diagram Engineer.

Civil Engineering

Industrial Attachment for Computer Engineering
Industrial Attachment for Computer Engineering is started for a duration of 3 months. This course is designed in such a way that who wants to improve their knowledge in the field of web developing, coding, article writing, software developing, freelancing, etc.

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